Why? The Children of Newtown - From God's Perspective


This book was written for all of us who have asked God… “Why?” At some time or another in life, we may have asked or wanted to ask God things like…  Why me? Why now? Why mine? Why him? Why her? Why them? Why there? Or…Why my child? These are just a few samples of the ‘Why’s’ we hear believers, and non-believers alike, ask God in some of our most difficult times!

The goal of this book is to show how God tends to put a face on the unbelievable, horrific, and many times, tragic things that happen in our world. However, regardless of the event, when we learn to see God’s perspective through eyes of faith, we will quickly understand and see that God’s hand is always working to turn what the Evil one meant for evil, into good; while at the same time drawing mankind closer to His good will and plan.  Especially for the ones who love and believe on Him!

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